Uus lehtmetalli painutuspink Durma AD-EB 2580

uus lehtmetalli painutuspink Durma  AD-EB 2580
uus lehtmetalli painutuspink Durma  AD-EB 2580
uus lehtmetalli painutuspink Durma  AD-EB 2580 pilt 2
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Mark:  Durma
Mudel:  AD-EB 2580
Tüüp:  lehtmetalli painutuspink
Omakaal:  6400 kg
Asukoht:  Austria Wiener Neudorf
Avaldamise kuupäev:  30. märts 2024
Müüja kataloogi nr:  1069-1907
Üldmõõtmed:  3.7 m × 2.2 m × 2.55 m
Seisukord:  uus

Lisaandmed — Uus lehtmetalli painutuspink Durma AD-EB 2580

ca. 12 - 14 Wochen ab Auf
96100 €
1931.61 €
80 to
2550 mm
320 mm
2840 mm
500 mm
servomotorischer Riemenan
105 mm/s
10 mm/s
105 mm/s
650 mm
250 mm
3700 mm
2200 mm
2550 mm
6400 kg
Electromotor drive with multiple switched flat belt system
4 axes (Y1, Y2,X, R)
CNC control DELEM DA-66S
- 2D touchscreen display 17“
- 3D visualisation in simulation and production
- intuitive touch-screen control (simple drawing of the bending outline with your finger)
- simple and convenient data transfer
- multi-simulation option
- user friendly programming in dialogue form
- graphic simulation of the bending sequence
servo motorized back gauge on linear guides and ball screws
back gauge finger blocks on double linear guides
upper tool 1010 / A / 75 °, devidedand cranked
4-V die block 60x60 2009 (V = 16,22,35 and 50 mm)
safety device BLVT light guard
linear guided sheet support arms
according to CE rules
users manual in English or German

-no reduction of working width by side side columns, distance between columns is bigger as bending width
- up to 30 % higher productivity as classic hydraulic press brakes,
by nearlyinstantaneously reaction on foot pedal signal
- marginally frame deflection
- now crowning necessary by spreading the force along the bending length
- high repetition and bending accuracy along the bending lengt
-low energy consumption
-no hydraulic components


CNC control DELEM DA-69S 3D incl. PC software Profile-S with 3D file import option


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Zustand neu
Lieferzeit ca. 12 - 14 Wochen ab Auf
Presskraft 80 to
Achsen 4
Hub 320 mm
Antriebskonzept servomotorischer Riemenan
Eilgang Y-Achse 105 mm/s
Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit Y-Achse 10 mm/s
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg X-Achse 650 mm
Hinteranschlag Verfahrweg R-Achse 250 mm
Breite 2200 mm
Gewicht 6400 kg
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