Uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08

uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 2
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 3
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 4
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 5
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 6
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 7
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 8
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08 pilt 9
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3 500 $
≈ 3 262 €
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Mark:  Hightop
Mudel:  HT08
Tüüp:  miniekskavaator
Tootmisaasta:  2023
Omakaal:  800 kg
Asukoht:  Hiina Shandong
Avaldamise kuupäev:  üle 1 kuu
Machineryline'i ID:  DW33112
Kaevesügavus:  1.2 m
Üldmõõtmed:  2.43 m × 0.72 m × 1.3 m
Mark:  Koop 192F
Võimsus:  8.82 kW (12 h.j.)
Euro:  Euro 5
Roomiku laius:  150 mm
Seisukord:  uus
Värv:  punane

Lisaandmed — Uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT08

Factory price mini digger excavator machine/Hightop mini excavator
-High fuel efficiency, super power
-Lower fuel Consumption, high configuration, superior performance
-Saving energy and protecting environment, customized color, red, yellow, blue, etc...

Excavators are able to equipped with multiple work equipments, such as quick hitch, log grab, ripper, leveling bucket, auger and
narrow bucket, as well as optional roof, radiator and others, so as to meet your needing.
We also have 0.8 ton , 1 ton,1.6 ton, 1.8 ton,2 ton and 2.2 ton mini Excavator for you too choose!


1. Unique big arm structure design not easy to break.

2. The operation front pipeline is clear.The protective cover protects the pipeline from being destroyed.

3. The boom cylinder adopts the well-known brand.The cylinder is designed integrated,which is more advanced than the
welding technology.

4. All structural parts are finely processed.Shot blasting, pickling, and baking finish process are adopted.The surface has high gloss and
high paint adhesion.

5. The hydraulic pump is a pure cast iron pump.which is more wear-resistant than aluminous pump under the 3600 rpm engine high speed.

6. All hydraulic pipes adopt high-quality German imported pipes.

7. Well-known crawler brand.For rubber track which uses Jin Lilong/Yuanchuang brand,a well-known crawler brand in China .

8. Quick and easy replacement of accessories

Technical parameters:

Performance Parameter
Rated power:12HP
Bucket Capacity:0.025 m3
Engine Model:Koop 192
Operating Weight:800 kg
Max.digging force:7.5KN
Pump form:Single gear pump
Set working pressure"14Mpa
Swing speed:12 rpm
Travel speed:2.2Km/h
Ground pressure:19Kpa
Max.digging distance:2450mm
Max.digging depth:2450mm
Max.digging height:2350mm
Max.dumping height:1600mm
Min.Swing radius:1100mm
Max.Digging depth of bulldozer blade:200mm
Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade:120mm
Total width:720-780mm
Total height:1300mm
Total length:2430mm
Min.ground clearance:80mm
Track ground length:1140mm
Track width:150mm

Hightop mini excavator is suitable for garden repair, ditching and digging, town construction, farmland water conservancy, landscaping and other small engineering projects.
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