Uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C

uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 2
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 3
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 4
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 5
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 6
uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C pilt 7
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Mark:  Hightop
Mudel:  HT10C
Tüüp:  miniekskavaator
Tootmisaasta:  2023
Omakaal:  1000 kg
Asukoht:  Hiina Shandong
Avaldamise kuupäev:  üle 1 kuu
Machineryline'i ID:  RP33109
Võimalik järelmaks: 
Kaevesügavus:  1.65 m
Kaevamisraadius:  2.85 m
Mahalaadimiskõrgus:  1.85 m
Üldmõõtmed:  2.775 m × 9.63 m × 2.219 m
Kopa maht:  0.025 m³
Mark:  Koop 192F-1
Võimsus:  7.6 kW (10.34 h.j.)
Kütus:  diisel
Euro:  Euro 5
Roomiku laius:  180 mm
Seisukord:  uus
Garantii:  1 aasta
Värv:  kuldne

Lisaandmed — Uus miniekskavaator Hightop HT10C

Kubota EPA / KOOP Euro 5

Super Power and Saving Energy

Optional function: swing boom, retractable track,Close Cab.

Long Life

Strong Power


The back cover can be opened

Low Consumption

Hightop mini excavator Features:

1. Dynamical System High quality KOOP Euro 5/EPA/ Kubota engine can ensure the reliability of the machine under bad working conditions.

Come with red flexible coupling that acts as a shock absorber. If the engine jumps or the different shafts act, this will compensate.

2. Oil Supply System

lubricating oil pressure alarm system for protect the machine, it will be alarm automatically if

no lubricating oil.

Equipped with high precision air filter and oil filter, the filtration accuracy is up to 1 micron, the filtration rate is more than 99.9%.

The hydraulic tank breathing valve has a pressure compensating valve and air filtering function. The other manufacturers' machines are only one cover, no pressure.

The entrance of the hydraulic oil tank is equipped with magnets to prevent tiny objects such as rust from entering the hydraulic oil tank

3. Cooling System

Built-in sealed exhaust fan and good cooling system ensure the machine does not heat up and extend the service life.

4. Running System

Travel motor come with three hose, one is the unloading pipe, prevents the internal pressure of the motor from being too high, and the internal high-temperature oil will be discharged in the unloading pipe to improve the service life of the traveling motor.

5. Stable Equilibrium System

ISO TOPS/ROPS TEST analysis system is used in the 2-leg driving shed, which is safe and reliable with high stability.

New Cast iron counter weight to ensure more balanced digging force.

The back cover can be opened for easy refueling and maintenance

6. Security System

The key has the waterproof function, avoids to cause the power short circuit at the rainy day.

Safety seat is equipped with a seat belt that is mobile and more comfortable.

High strength German imported hydraulic pipeline, withstand higher pressure.

Using high strength bolts 4.9 and 8.8, other manufacturers are use white 4.8 bolts.

Beautiful Rubber Joystick.

7. Shock Mitigation System

Increase the rubber cushion, the engine shock absorption effect is more obvious.

8. Load Sensitive System

With the original SLSS hydraulic system, the perfect match between engine and main pump can be realized, and the output power of engine can be maximized to improve operation efficiency.

Actuating arm deflection and auxiliary pipeline adopt full hydraulic control, and the operation is

more accurate and efficient.

Technical parameters:
Weight: 1000kg
Bucket width:380mm
Digging bucket capacity:0 025cbm/120kg
Engine:KOOP 192F-1 EURO 5 diesel engine
lOptional Engine:Kubota
Bore stroke:Single cylinder, fan cool
Rated power:7.6 kw/13.5hp
Main pump:G5-6
Displacement:6 8ml/r
Swing motor:SANYANG(BMRS -250)
Traveling motor: SANYANG(BMT245)
Travel speed:1.5km/h
Overall dimension( L xWxH):2775x 930 x 2219mm
Wheelbase:910 mm
Total length of track: 1230mm
Platform ground clearance:380 mm
Chassis width:896 mm
Platform back turning radius:784 mm
Track width: 180 mm
Chassis ground clearance:132 mm
Track height:320 mm
Max. Digging depth: 1650 mm
Max. Vertical digging depth: 1375 mm
Max. Digging height:2610 mm
Max. Dumping height: 1850 mm
Max. Vertical digging depth:1375 mm .
Max. Digging radius on ground:2850 mm
Min. Rotation radius: 1330 mm
Max. Upgrade height of bulldozer blade:345|mm
Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade:255mm

HT10C mini excavator is suitable for garden repair, ditching and digging, town construction, farmland water conservancy, landscaping and other small engineering projects.
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